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LeafSpring School at Cedar Park

11651 W. Parmer Lane Cedar Park, TX 78613

Dates & Hours

Weekly Summer Camps (Mon-Fri)

  • June 5th to August 11th
  • 8:30am – 3:00pm, Extended Hours until 5:30pm


Campers are divided into groups:

  • Tinkerers: Rising K-2nd
  • Makers: Rising 3rd-6th

Magellan International School

Join us for one week, multiple weeks, or the whole summer!

Each week presents a new, specific challenge to keep the engagement and effort high, and another opportunity for your children to practice the tools that will help them build a Growth Mindset.

Weeks Offered at This Location:

June 17-21

Cardboard Arcade

This week, campers will work creatively within the confines of various sets of limitations to turn recycled materials into a functioning arcade. We will celebrate their accomplishments by playing each other’s games.

June 12-16

Race Cars

Can you build a car out of recycled materials? How about a track to race it on? This week campers will use two simple machines — wheel + axle and inclined plane — along with lots of imagination, to build cars and tracks.

July 22-26

Rides & Roller Coasters

What kind of adventure park can you create with toilet paper tubes and tape – and loads of other recycled goods? This week, campers will design, build, and refine miniature rides and rollercoasters.

June 10-14

Medieval Times: Castles & Catapults

Can you build a castle with a working drawbridge? Can you design a catapult that fires accurately enough to defend against intruders? This week, campers will use two simple machines — pulleys and levers — along with lots of imagination to build castles, complete with offense and defense systems.

July 5-7

Puppet Theater

From simple sock puppets to meticulous marionettes, there are endless possibilities when designing puppets. Along with puppets, this week campers will have the opportunity to design and build sets, and write and perform short skits.

July 10-14

Mission Possible

Can you build a case to protect a super-delicate secret package from bumps and drops? Can you build an airplane to carry that package safely over a raging sea? This week, campers will team up as Secret Agents on a mission to transport high-value, sensitive packages across various obstacles!

June 24-28

Dream Homes

If you could wake up tomorrow in any home, what would it look like? This week, campers will be designers and builders as they construct and furnish the homes of their dreams.

July 24-28

Space Survival

If you crash-landed on an unknown planet, what would you do? Would you stay and build shelter, or would you fix your engine and design a new spaceship? This week, campers will race against the clock to create spaceships, shelters, and other necessities for outer space survival.

July 31-August 4

Structural Integrity

How high can your tower go? How much weight can your bridge hold? This week, campers will take on a series of building challenges with limited resources and unlimited creativity.

June 3-7

Invention Convention

Can you create something that solves a problem? Or something that would bring you joy? This week, campers come up with an idea and a plan, and then get busy building, testing, and redesigning as they learn from their successes and setbacks.

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If you are not satisfied with the program for ANY reason by the end of the day Tuesday, you can request a full refund.

Contact the Location Director:

Robin Schwab, M.Ed.

I just finished my 25th year in education, having taught elementary grades, special education and, more recently, gifted education. My most recent teaching experience in gifted education has allowed me to teach STEAM and focus on students learning with a growth mindset.

Neuron Garage interests me because of how it is based on these two things and allows children to learn while they play. I’m most excited about bringing the Neuron Garage experience to LeafSpring this summer because of how much fun both the guides and the campers have during the week!

img Robin.Schwab@NeuronGarage.com

img 512-593-5393

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