Our Story

One summer growing up, my husband and a friend decided they wanted to build a working boat. He didn’t know how to build a boat, he didn’t have any directions and he couldn’t just look them up on YouTube – this was in the late 80s. But, that didn’t stop him. What he had was more valuable than experience or know-how; he had a growth mindset, or at least the beginnings of one. He believed that if he tried hard, he would succeed. So, they made a plan and started building.

All summer long, he and his friend sweated and tinkered in the garage. They envisioned their boat. They biked to the store for supplies. When one material or idea didn’t work, they tried something else. The tried, failed, and they tried again, working together and remaining curious and creative.

Eventually, that boat floated. And the growth mindset that gave them the confidence to take on the challenge of building a boat in the garage that summer was reinforced and carried forward into greater and great challenges, including the founding and growth of multiple successful businesses.

Today, we’ve recaptured the magic and impact of that summer garage as a camp for kids aged 5 to 12. Neuron Garage is a safe, supportive summer camp environment for where children develop the foundation for a growth mindset through building with their hands. The program is enhanced with best-practices I’ve gleaned from studying neuroscience and education at Dartmouth, as well as over two decades of experience in the classroom.

Summer is a magical time for children to discover themselves and their world. Neuron Garage is a fun, child-centered camp where building with recycled materials gives kids the chance to guide their own challenges, equips them with tools to overcome anxiety and frustration, and sets them free to explore, create, and collaborate with confidence, developing a Growth Mindset that will allow them to take on greater and
greater challenges throughout their lives.

See you next summer!

Kaylie and Sam Reed