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One summer growing up, my husband dreamed of building a boat. Day after day, he and a friend sweated and tinkered in the garage. They envisioned the boat. They biked to the store for supplies. Without any guidance, they engaged in the think-try-refine process, staying in their Creative Zone through multiple successes and failures. They were fearlessly curious, boundlessly creative, and joyfully resilient. And eventually, that boat floated. My husband hasn’t backed down from a challenge since.

Today, we’ve recaptured the magic of that summer garage as a camp for kids aged 5 to 12. Neuron Garage is a safe, supportive summer camp environment for hands-on learning, enhanced with best-practices I’ve gleaned from studying neuroscience and education at Dartmouth and over a decade of experience in the classroom. Summer is a magical time for children to discover themselves and their world. Neuron Garage is a fun, child-centered camp where hands-on exploration gives kids the chance to guide their own challenges, equips them with tools to overcome anxiety and frustration, and sets them free to explore, create, and collaborate with confidence.

See you next summer!

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E-mail: Kaylie.Reed@NeuronGarage.com
Phone: (512) 593-5393

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