All 5 locations are open to 5-12 year olds each week and have same Building Camp Challenge on the same dates with two exceptions:

  • The June 3rd – 7th and July 1st – 5th weeks are not available at Magellan International.
  • The last week, Aug 5th to 9th, is only available at Odyssey School and Upward Bound Montessori.

Our 9 year old daughter has gone for three years in a row and the sessions are always her favorite camps of the summer (she’s typically attends two or three of the sessions). She loves the challenges each session poses, loves using her hands and her mind, and loves the counselors and other kids. Perfect way to spend time over the summer!

Martin B.

An amazing program! My 6 year old son loved it. Wish we had scheduled more. Program was inspiring, challenging … what a confidence booster.

Angela L.

Neuron GarageTM

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