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Our Why

We believe in the transformational power of the Neuron Garage experience. That’s what keeps us motivated all summer long and what drives us to work in the off-season to improve and expand our program!

Going into our sixth summer, we have seen children with a vast range of interests get deeply engaged and energized by our building challenges, so we know that we have developed something that really works for children with all different backgrounds, learning styles and preferences. We’ve heard:

This is the only non-sports camp my kids will go to.

I can’t get my child off his iPad at home, but he’s up early every day for camp, rushing us all out the door.

My child is typically super shy, but chose to work with a partner at camp.

But that’s what motivates us.
Here are 4 Reasons you should choose Neuron Garage for your family this summer.

#1: By engaging in the weekly Building Challenges, your children will build the foundation for an expansive and vibrant future.

At Neuron Garage we are confident that people who are able to think creatively, work collaboratively, and respond resiliently will thrive in any situation.

Creative Thinking

The weekly challenges have clear objectives, but no instructions or set solutions, so the possibilities — and creativity — are limitless. The simple, recycled materials require creative repurposing which requires more creativity than figuring out how to correctly use materials with specific purposes (like Legos or gears). And by building with their hands, instead of manipulating within a digital world, your children engage more of their brains, resulting in greater growth.


Our counselors are masters at helping your children learn when and how best to collaborate with peers. When campers are stuck, they are encouraged to look to others for ideas and experience the power of inspiration — and given specific, effective ways to do this. Unlike most forced group projects, campers are allowed to flow in and out of collaborative work when they recognize (or we help them recognize) that they would benefit from the collective power of others’ minds. As part of the building and refining process, they are taught how to give and receive constructive feedback designed to improve their creations.


We stay focused on one main challenge for an entire week. Children are so often moved quickly from one activity to another and they miss out on the opportunity to persevere and develop resilience. However, when they have an entire week for one challenge, your children can really engage in a think-try-refine process that they will be able to apply in almost any situation. They are taught to recognize and manage their mental state when engaged in a challenge. They learn techniques to move through boredom, uncertainty and frustration so that they can stay engaged longer. Through thoughtful questions, your children explore their attitudes on success and failure, and hopefully shift their mindsets to embrace failure and setbacks as learning opportunities.

#2: Building is FUN!

At Neuron Garage, your child will take a break from screens and kits and over-programming to experience the joy of open-ended challenges and have time to really explore what they can do with their own hands. Children come alive with the freedom to choose how they tackle the problem and they stay engaged with our careful guidance and supportive community.

We have found real magic in simple materials and tangible challenges — when they are combined in our intentional, supportive “garage” environment. In fact, we are so confident your child will have fun, that we have a garage guarantee. If your child does not ask to come back for a second week, their first week is free. Seriously.

#3: The experience is great for the whole family.

We want to make summer as stress-free as possible. We offer multiple locations to be closer to your work or home. Our partner, Patricia’s Lunchbox, delivers fresh, healthy lunches daily, and we provide snacks, so you can take a break from making lunches. We offer flexible drop off from 8am to 9am and extended hours until 6pm to give you the coverage you need.

And we won’t make you pay a fee if your plans change and you need to adjust weeks, or even cancel altogether.

#4: Your child will be in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our carefully selected staff combined with our training program ensures that your child will have an amazing summer experience.

All our staff pass thorough background checks and are CPR and 1st aide certified. They are trained in the core tenets of Positive Discipline, Socratic Guidance, and the Montessori Approach which prepare them to welcome your children warmly and direct them with kindness and respect.