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Kaylie Reed
Founder and Director
Ben Seidman


With a passion for child development and the magic of summer, Kaylie founded Neuron Garage in 2014. The program is enhanced with practices she gleaned from studying neuroscience and education at Dartmouth, as well as over a decade of experience in the classroom. 

Ben Seidman is a theater, music, and language arts teacher at the Austin School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He joined Neuron Garage in 2019 and is excited to apply his experience with online education to this new online Neuron Garage experience.

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About Neuron Garage

At Neuron Garage we are confident that people who are able to think creatively, work collaboratively, and respond resiliently will thrive in any situation. We have found real magic in simple materials and tangible challenges — when they are combined in our intentional, supportive “garage” environment.

For the past six summers, we have seen children with a vast range of interests get deeply engaged and energized by our building challenges, so we know that we have developed something that really works for children with all different backgrounds, learning styles and preferences. 

We never intended to be an online program, but the need and opportunity right now is clear. And after lots of brainstorming and testing, we believe we can provide a fun and effective online camp experience that replicates many of the same benefits of our in-person camps. Going into our seventh summer, we are truly back in BUILD-TEST-LEARN mode (right alongside our campers). We would be excited and honored to have your children embark on this adventure with us.




Dates / Pricing

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June 15-19: Invention Convention
Cost - $195 per device

June 8-12: Mission Possible
Cost - $195 per device

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June 15-26: Invention Convention
Cost - $195 per device

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Half Day
2 Week Sessions
AM 8:15 AM - 12:00 PM CST
PM 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM CST

+Optional Pre/Post Activities


June 1-12 : Cardboard Arcade
Cost - $195 per device

Full Day 
1 Week Sessions
8:45 AM - 4:00 PM CST

+Optional Pre/Post Activities


June 1-5: Cardboard Arcade Cost - $195 per device

June 22-26: Medieval Construction
Cost - $195 per device

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June 29-July 3: Marble Rollercoasters
Cost - $195 per device

Each June Build Box is designed to last 1 child up to 5 weeks. 

Kits include everything campers need to build & participate. Just add recycling.

Includes: low-temp hot glue gun & glue sticks, scissors, tape,  popsicle sticks, craft materials, specialty building items for each week, surprise activities, and more!

Great for Children. Great for Parents.

Our goal is for your child to have a blast and for you to get some much needed relief.

Ready Set Build

Campers dive into their main Building Challenge for the week designing, building, and testing their ideas.

Games & Physical Activity
Secret Skill Classes

Campers learn and practice "Secret Skills" such as magic tricks, sign language, and tying balloon animals.

Fun with a Purpose.

Welcome to Neuron Garage, the summer camp where kids discover their potential through open-ended, hands-on building challenges. Our campers take recycled materials and are empowered to find solutions in a fun, collaborative atmosphere.

When your child can think creatively, work collaboratively, and respond resiliently, they can do anything.

The problems your children tackle at Neuron Garage are open-ended, with no set solutions. And the materials they use are simple and multi-purpose. This combination unlocks a level of engagement and resourcefulness that is both joyful and transformational.

Our thoughtfully trained team guides your children to tap into their own genius and to collaborate with their peers for inspiration and support. Campers learn how to give and receive feedback from other campers, how to push themselves to create their best work, and how to recover from frustration and setbacks in order to continue forward. As they build with their hands, these experiences build confidence and resilience, propelling them onto their next challenge — whether at camp or beyond.

The building is FUN. But, it takes energy and focus, so we make sure your child’s day has plenty of time to re-energize with reflection and play.

Building Challenges

Kids love our building challenges that keep them learning all summer long!


Join Us for a Zoom Info Session!

"With limited online school work to keep our kids learning, NG was the perfect fit with projects and interaction with other kids the same age. Who knew camp from home could be so much fun!"

Stuart B. - Austin, TX

The Summer Online Building Camp for Kids!

Fun and Enriching
Risk Free Trial
Limited Parent Involvement
No Boredom

Online Safety

We leverage a premium Zoom account to keep your children safe. Sessions are password protected and private chat is disabled.

Technical Requirements

All you need is a Zoom enabled device and a stable internet connection.

Typical Day

In addition to hands-on building in the morning and afternoon, campers will play interactive games led by our instructors and on-line boardgames to develop individual friendships, engage in group discussions, and participate in plenty of movement activities and games.

Our goal is for parents not to be involved with their children's camp day. However, depending on a child's level of independence and fluency with technology, they may need additional guidance or redirection that we are not able to provide virtually.

Parental Involvement

Live Instruction

Campers will be with a live instructor throughout their day. Instruction and activities will be adapted to each camper and each group, just as they would be at our in-person camps.

How We Hire Staff

We hire college students and graduates with a passion for education and child development, and a love of learning and summertime. Every team member is background checked and trained to deliver the Neuron Garage curriculum in a supportive environment, whether that be in-person or online.

Have a Quick Question? Call Us Now!

(512) 593-5393

A great time to learn about online camp, meet our camp directors and ask questions!

Try 2 days at no risk*


Ages 7-12 years old. Campers join our virtual community, led by a LIVE, trained Guide, and get hands-ons, repurposing their recycling to solve fun, weekly engineering challenges. Through the process, they have fun, make new friends, and build the foundation for a vibrant future.

We know that some school Zoom experiences have been less than ideal, and we aim to make this experience much more “campy”.

Enroll your child and let them come try out the program. If it is not a good fit, cancel by the end of the camp day on Tuesday for a full refund of your registration fees.

The day will be a balance between guided discussions, games, movement, fun lessons, small group collaboration and hands-on building.

The program is designed to maximize child independence and allow parents the ability to focus on their many other priorities.

We will be shipping everything your child will need to build and participate, including a guide to help them collect and organize recycling in the weeks leading up to camp. All you will need to provide is a Zoom enabled device.

Balanced & Engaging Days

Each day is filled with movement, hands-on building, discussions with peers and a lesson in a "secret skill".

We want to make this easy on you.

We will ship you a Build Box which includes everything your child will need (minus a little recycling).

Calling all Game Makers! Turn recycled materials into a functioning arcade and celebrate by playing your games.



Can you build a case to protect a super-delicate secret package from bumps and drops? Can you build an airplane to carry that package safely over a raging sea?  Team up as Secret Agents on a mission to transport high-value, sensitive packages across various obstacles!


Can you design and build a machine that will pop a balloon? Set off an alarm? Knock over a cup? How many steps can you build into your design?

If your kingdom was under attack, could you defend it? Can you build a castle with a working drawbridge? Can you design a catapult the fires accurately enough to ward off intruders? Using two simple machines — pulleys and levers — along with lots of cardboard and imagination, campers build castles with defense systems.



Can you create a rollercoaster with toilet paper tubes and tape – and loads of other recycled goods?  How long can you make it? Will it have a loop? Two? What else will you add to your adventure park?

*Cancel by the end of camp on Tuesday for a 100% refund of registration fees.

Have a Quick Question? Kaylie is available to help! 

Direct Line: (512) 593-5393 | Email:

Days are filled with movement and interactive games with other campers. 

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"My 7 year-old daughter participated in Neuron Garage's first virtual camp, and she loved it!  She was excited to participate each day, and the instructors were creative, patient, and engaging.  I wasn't sure if virtual camp would be successful, but it absolutely worked for our family.  My daughter would definitely choose to do it again!"

Christy - Austin, TX

Parent Reviews

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Want to hear from more parents?  Click here to read reviews about our in-person camps in Austin, TX. While a different experience than our online camps, the reviews offer parent feedback on the core enrichment and fun of our building challenges.


Online Camp takes place during Central Standard Time (CST)

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