In-Person Camps Cancelled. Online Camps Available (Full & Half Day). Siblings Join for Free*.

Join Our Team

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, do you want to be part of the solution?

Join Neuron Garage in our mission to help children develop the foundation for a vibration future — regardless of what that future looks like.

This summer, we took all the best parts of our in-person program and adapted them for an online format. Through a summer of rapid refinements, we have developed an online program that children adore. They are actively engaged, learning new things, making new friends, and developing new skills to carry into their lives.

We are now looking for Guides to join our new Online After School Program which will be launching at the end of August. With this transition to being an online program, all positions within the company are remote.



Online Guide Position:

In this position, you will help guide children through the different weekly challenges, provide positive feedback and thoughtful questions to motivate them, help them build a sense of community with each other, and instill soft skills that will help them for the rest of their lives, all over Zoom! This transformative project-based online after school program is done in 5-week sessions offered throughout the school year. 

You will need to have huge reserves of energy, positivity, and a willingness to support growth and interpersonal connections, and be able to show all that over Zoom.

Here are our TOP 10 Guide Traits that we have seen result in safe, nurturing, fun environments for elementary age children to experiment, struggle, play and learn. Does this describe you?

  1. Respect for Children. You hold the belief that while you have more life experience, perhaps, and are in the position to make decisions for the group, you are not superior to the children you have the privilege to be working with. You can be firm when necessary, but you don’t aim to be an authority.
  2. Engaging & Charismatic. You are able to draw children in and keep them engaged, even over Zoom.
  3. Observant. You notice facial expressions and small, but significant shifts in behavior. 
  4. Empathetic. You pick up on other people’s emotions, almost feeling them as your own. 
  5. Intuitive. Your keen observation skills and attention to detail, combined with your deep sense of empathy allow you to assess the needs of children. You have always had good instincts in understanding the needs of others. Think “child whisperer”.
  6. Dependable. You show up on time, every time. You have a high level of follow through on commitments.
  7. Clear Communicator. You are able to explain concepts to children so they can perform tasks independently. 
  8. Quick-thinking & Flexible. You are able to find solutions in the moment when an issue arises. Understanding the purpose behind what you are doing, you are okay with changes, and can go with the flow.
  9. Team Player. You value the contributions of others and believe that different opinions, ideas, and experience make for a better outcome. You work together with your team, both your co-guides and the children.
  10. Intentional. You measure words and actions, choosing them purposefully.

Neuron Garage is well worth all of the energy you will put in. This program will change your life. You will become a stronger communicator, leader, and team player. It will change the way you interact not only with children, but with everyone – whether on a Zoom call, in a classroom, in a boardroom or at home with the people you love most.

Employment Schedule: 

    • Monday – Friday, 2:15pm – 5:30pm CST, starting August 31st
    • Training and Zoom Staff meetings TBD

Compensation: $18/hour; hours may vary daily and will range from 18 – 40 hours per week


    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • 3+ years working with children
    • A passion for education, psychology, and/or child development
    • A stable, high-speed internet connection & a personal computer

Preferred Experience in the Following:

    • Experience with after school programming, recreational programming, summer camp, and/or alternative education including Montessori
    • Degree in Education, Recreation, Psychology, Child Development, Communication, Liberal Arts, or another related field
    • Teaching Credential
    • Familiarity/Understanding of Socratic Discussion
    • Background in performance (theater, improv, music, etc.)
    • Interest in art, tinkering, crafting, building 
    • Experience with Zoom instruction or other similar online platforms

I worked with Kaylie this summer as a counselor – or, more specifically, a guide. We encouraged our wonderful, diverse group of campers to think creatively as we guided them to answer questions on their own or with each other. As each week progressed, we amended building challenges based on individual needs. We also adjusted our work/play schedule for each group. Free time was punctuated by relevant community-building games. This allowed campers to connect, providing a network in case of frustration during building times. 

I learned an incredible amount from Kaylie about emotional intuition, positive reinforcement, and how to curate a healthy balance of freedom and responsibility. The amount of individualized attention she gives each camper was noteworthy. I will also never look at my recycling the same way – there’s always something to be repurposed! I’m so grateful. My time spent working there was exceptional.

Margaret F.