In-Person Camps Cancelled. Online Camps Available (Full & Half Day). Siblings Join for Free*.

Join Our Team

We have paused hiring for Summer 2020 as we ramp up our new online camp program. However, we are always looking for incredible people to join our team of educators, so please learn more about our program and click on the link below to apply. As demand grows for the online program, we will begin hiring again.

I worked with Kaylie this summer as a counselor – or, more specifically, a guide. We encouraged our wonderful, diverse group of campers to think creatively as we guided them to answer questions on their own or with each other. As each week progressed, we amended building challenges based on individual needs. We also adjusted our work/play schedule for each group. Free time was punctuated by relevant community-building games. This allowed campers to connect, providing a network in case of frustration during building times. 

I learned an incredible amount from Kaylie about emotional intuition, positive reinforcement, and how to curate a healthy balance of freedom and responsibility. The amount of individualized attention she gives each camper was noteworthy. I will also never look at my recycling the same way – there’s always something to be repurposed! I’m so grateful. My time spent working there was exceptional.

Margaret F.