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COVID-19 Announcement


Dear Austin Families,

While this may not come as a big surprise, we know that it may be a big letdown. It is for us too. However, in order to protect all of us, we have decided to cancel in-person camps for the month of June.

We will continue to evaluate new information over the next month as it pertains to in-person camps for July and August and let you know as soon as we have clarity on whether or not we will be able to hold those camps.

For all June weeks, we will automatically issue a full refund, including deposits, to the card used for the initial payment. If we make the decision to cancel in-person July and August camps, we will refund 100% of all remaining charges to the card used for the initial payment.

We know that you, and the rest of our families, count on us to provide enrichment and childcare over the summer. In an effort to connect and engage our campers, and to provide some relief to parents during the month of June, we are focused on creating and offering high-quality virtual alternatives to in-person camps, facilitated by our trained staff. Click here to learn more about our online camp program.

We realize that virtual camp does not offer you the full benefit of having your child physically at camp. And more so, we know that for some of our families, virtual camp may just not work. As parents of young children, we fully appreciate all the challenges and strains the current situation is putting on families.

We are still hopeful that we can serve many of you with a program that offers many of the same benefits to our campers as in-person camp has done in the past.


  1. Fun and Enriching.We know that some school Zoom experiences have been less than ideal, and we aim to make this experience playful and “campy”.
  2. Engaging. The day will be a balance between guided discussions, games, movement, fun lessons, small group collaboration and hands-on building.
  3. Limited Parental Involvement.The program is designed to maximize child independence and allow parents the ability to focus on their many other priorities.
  4. Convenience. We will be shipping everything your child will need to build and participate (minus some recycling). All you will need to provide is a Zoom-enabled device.

While we will not all be together in-person, we love the idea of having siblings participate together – and as things unfold over the next month, if people are beginning to expand their social distancing to include other families, we would welcome two friends participating from the same location as well.

One bright light in the past couple months seems to be the increased connection people are having with friends and family that don’t live close by. We are hoping that this could be a neat opportunity to continue these bonds by having friends or relatives that do not live in the same city “go to camp” together.

We plan to offer both a full-day program for children who want a lot of social engagement and mental stimulation — and parents that need to focus on work or other children during those hours — as well as a half-day option. And if there is demand, we will also offer sessions for younger campers working alongside an adult.


  • Live Zoom Instruction and Community Building:Group discussions throughout the day provide context and structure. These community times are kept to 15-30 minutes and are very interactive, usually involving some movement and plenty of opportunity for participation.
  • Hands-on Building: Campers spend about half their day building with their hands alongside (virtually) a small group of peers. Our guides are available while they build and check-in on them periodically, facilitating group feedback sessions to promote collaboration multiple times each day.
  • Fun Games:Campers spend time engaging in movement games and playing virtual boardgames with other campers each day to encourage friendships and foster community.
  • Bonus Activities: Special guest guides join us each week to lead creativity-boosting activities such as learning to perform magic tricks, making balloon animals, and writing original songs.
  • Optional Yoga & Workout:A morning yoga class and afternoon group workout is available for campers who want some extra guided movement. There is also the option to stay during the lunch hour to “eat with friends” and play virtual board games instead of taking a mid-day break from Zoom for some downtime.

For families that are looking for just a few hours of camp each day, if there is demand, we will offer the same program spread out over two weeks – with a morning and afternoon session available – as well as access to the morning and afternoon workouts and the social lunch hour.

Provided there is sufficient demand, we will offer a virtual program for our younger campers. This program provides community, curriculum and structure, but requires that the camper work alongside a parent or caretaker at home.