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Summer Camp Photos

It is impossible to explain the joy and transformation campers experience at Neuron Garage kids day camp with words alone.  Pictures do not even do it justice, but hopefully they can give you a little more insight.

Learn about this year’s summer camp construction challenges.

Regardless of the theme, our staff will work with your child to make sure they are connecting to the weekly challenge and developing their ability to think creatively, work collaboratively, and respond resiliently. And the more weeks they come, the more opportunities to build this foundation for a vibrant & expansive future.

Kids Day Camp Photos

  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_007
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_043
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_052
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_057
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_074
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_090
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_093
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_094
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_115
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_136
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_150
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_282
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_309
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_314
  • PROOF_summerCamp180807_316
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_381
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_391
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_422
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_450
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_463
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_516
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_535
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_546
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_551
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_560
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_583
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_585
  • PROOF_summerCamp180808_592
  • PROOF_summerCamp180810_633
  • PROOF_summerCamp180810_640
  • PROOF_summerCamp180810_732
  • PROOF_summerCamp180810_747