More than Just Convenience.

Our summer camps are held at convenient locations in Austin, Texas. We set up shop each day with a team of specially trained guides. Our care is filled with hands-on learning and covers your busy parent work day.

Grounded in Brain Science.

Neuron Garage founder Kaylie Reed’s background in developmental psychology and education grounds our camp guides and activities in an intentional focus on creativity, collaboration, and resilience.

Backed by Parents.

We’re proud to have been voted Austin’s 2017 and 2018 Best Overall Camp by Nurture My Child and HappiCampr Families and Best Education Camp by Austin Family Magazine.

Daily Schedule.

Arrival / Indoor and Outdoor Play

8:00 - 9:30

Community Open


Build Time




Indoor and Outdoor Play


Build Time


Indoor and Outdoor Play


Community Closing




Extended Hours

3:00 – 6:00
Friendship First.

Each day at Neuron GarageTM begins with time for your children to connect on a personal level and enjoy time with each other. When the community comes together to officially start the day, a group activity sets a positive, collaborative tone and encourages new and old friendships.

We try to keep the schedule each day similar so that campers know what to expect. However, we do take extra time on Monday mornings to play together with new friends and old in order to establish a sense of community and make sure that each camper feels connected.


We ease into the weekly Building Challenge with a Mini-Challenge on Monday afternoons that is designed to warm up hands and brains and make sure campers are ready to dive into the main Building Challenge on Tuesday.


For the rest of the week, your children spend each morning designing, building, and testing their ideas. This time of intense focus is followed by time to refuel and socialize at lunch. Before refocusing on the week’s Building Challenge, campers have time to play inside or outside while spending quality time with friends.

The afternoon is devoted to more time tinkering, testing, and tweaking their designs. Each day there is time built in for campers to test or present their work to peers. Practice public speaking and learning to give and receive feedback is always done in a way that is inspiring, and never hurtful. As the day ends, the group comes together one more time to share insights and reflect on their experiences.

Smiling, messy campers, fired-up to come back the next day!

Your children leave smiling from the fun times with their friends and the deep satisfaction that comes from engaging in an intriguing challenge. While they will be tired, and likely a bit messy, after a good night’s sleep, they will wake up eager to get back to their work and their new, supportive community.

Pause and Reflect.

Throughout the week, when we come together as a group, your children are asked to consider questions such as:

  • Do you learn more from success or from failure?
  • Where did you spend the most time: in your Comfort Zone, your Challenge Zone, or your Panic Zone?
  • What strategies did you use to move from your Comfort Zone to your Challenge Zone? From your Panic Zone back to your Comfort Zone or your Challenge Zone?
  • Did you work better today on your own or with others?
  • Who did you inspire today? Who inspired you?

Fridays are all about celebrating hard work and personal growth! We have an Exposition at the end of each week where campers are able to test their contraptions or display their projects. We also make sure to have extra time to play together as a community and enjoy our new friendships before departing.

Extend the Fun with Extended Hours.

You may choose to extend the day as late as 6pm. Our goal for Extended Hours is that when parents arrive, campers beg for just five more minutes. We believe that campers need some down time in the later afternoon. During Extended Hours, we take a break from the Building Challenges and offer fun, messy activities that your children love and you probably prefer not to have happen on your kitchen table. There are also plenty of crafts, games, and time for campers to play inside and out.

My boys, ages 10 and 8, have attended for the last 2 years and LOVE it! It has been such a great chance for them to express themselves creatively using principles of physics and engineering. Right up their alley! I love the fact that they have the opportunity to collaborate with others in a very supported environment. The staff care about each child as an individual and truly want each child to gain the most they can out of the experience.

Audra O.

Our children attended–ages 7, 9, and 11–and they loved two things the most: the positive environment that nurtures good friendships and the learning projects.

Heather S.

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